Exploring Greek Food Basics

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Who doesn’t love Greek food? It’s delicious, healthy, and widely available in the United States. Nonetheless, many Americans would be hard-pressed to name more than a couple of Greek dishes or describe the Greek flavor profile. There are a couple of reasons for this. One could be that we’re consuming “Greek food” without thinking about it being Greek. Another reason could just be lack of exposure and therefore, lack of comfort with this type of cuisine. 

Discover how to have a wonderful dining experience at any restaurant featuring favorite Greek options.

Staple Greek Foods


Although this dish may sound exotic, you’ve probably had these stuffed grape leaves in your Greek salad many times. They’re usually stuffed with rice and spices and simmered in a delicious broth. These appetizers are a healthy choice. Try them with lean ground lamb.

Greek salad

The traditional Greek salad usually consists of a large bed of romaine lettuce topped with fresh vegetables, Greek feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and Greek dressing.


This comforting creamy casserole is made of sliced eggplant, ground chuck, onions, potato, and topped with béchamel sauce and freshly baked.

Souvlaki (kabobs)

Many are already familiar with kabobs—grilled skewers of meat and vegetables. You can select chicken, pork, lamb, or beef. They can be served as a platter or on a sandwich. Kabobs are often served with low-fat protein, veggies, pita, and a dollop of yogurt sauce. It’s a tasty and healthy option. 

Tzatziki sauce

This is everyone’s favorite Greek condiment. It’s made of thick yogurt, grated cucumber, garlic, lemon or vinegar, and herbs (like dill, mint, or thyme).


If you’re unfamiliar, a gyro is a dish made from meat that was cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Many countries like the US use a mixture of beef and lamb. Gyros are often served wrapped in a flatbread with tomatoes, onion, and tzatziki sauce with a side of fries.

Enjoy Greek Cuisine at Paymon’s

Greek cuisine is varied and includes a broad choice of more foods not mentioned, but this list will give you some delicious options to order when you go to your first Greek restaurant. You’ll know what you’re ordering and what to expect. Come to Paymon’s to try any of our Mediterranean dishes ranging from Greek to Middle Eastern to Italian. View our entire menu.