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4 Ways to Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle

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The Mediterranean diet has been a popular way to help people lose weight. You’ll often hear health professionals say that if you want to stay healthy, it’s not just a diet—it’s a lifestyle. We’re offering four foundational tips on how to live the Mediterranean lifestyle.

4 Ways You Can Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle

You are what you eat

Everyone wants to jump on the Mediterranean diet bandwagon when they hear about the benefits it has and the results it creates. There’s quite the variety of items on the Mediterranean food pyramid, so calling it a “diet” almost seems absurd. There are no food restrictions in the Mediterranean diet, which makes it a prime choice for those looking for a manageable diet to start.

Fish and seafood are a staple in the diet, typically with rice and grains or a chopped salad. There are also lean proteins like poultry—but in moderation. Fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and lentil soup are also on the menu.

The focus is on grains and vegetables, dairy, fiber, and lean proteins from nuts and seafood. It also incorporates olive oil, which is a main source of fat for each recipe. And don’t forget to pour the wine!

Family is love

One of the essential habits about committing to the Mediterranean lifestyle is to not eat alone!

If you grew up with Mediterranean culture, the setting for meals was a table of good eats surrounded by many family and friends. When you’re eating with companions, you tend to eat slower, as you engage in conversation. It helps make you overall happier.

Beyond just a shared meal, the culture cultivates and reflects a social life, which in turn connects you to the ones you love.

Don’t force exercising

It’s known that being in the Mediterranean, an exercise regimen is not the norm. This may be an unfair stereotype, but signing up for a marathon or the next powerlifting event is probably not going to happen. But that does not mean people are lazy.

There is a natural practice of movement. Movement is not forced in working out but rather on a walk to the farmer’s market, labor for a task, or a leisure walk to friends’ homes. There is enjoyment in being active.

Life is better when you’re laughing

Laughter is the best therapy. And this rings true with Mediterranean people. Think, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”—big personalities and big laughs. This culture includes animated story-telling included with conversations filled with humor. Life is too short not to be happy!

Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle at Paymon’s

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