4 Creative Falafel Burger Recipes

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The traditional Falafel involves soaking chickpeas, drying them, and then mixing them with coriander, cumin, garlic, and more. But what do you think about changing up your traditional falafel recipe? Try mixing up the ingredients you traditionally use with these unique recipes!

Unique Falafel Burger Recipes You Can Try at Home

Falafel burger—with avocado!


This falafel burger has an assortment of flavors, straying away from traditional falafel in a pita this dish will really make you want to experience all different types of recipes. Using avocado, spinach, and a homemade burger bun, there is truly nothing like it. Each ingredient allows for a variety of tastes and leaves you nothing short of a blast with different flavors when trying this dish!

Smoky Falafel Burger!

In these smokey flavored burgers, the secret ingredient is paprika. This entree is very easy to make and can be served in a variety of ways that include your traditional slider burgers or even inside pita bread. Using traditional ingredients, this falafel offers a much different and unique taste with just one simple ingredient.

You’ll love this Beet Falafel Burger

Unlike many falafel recipes, in this falafel burger made with not only juicy beets and chickpeas, but the ingredients are also baked instead of fried! Adding that extra crispy that we all know and love about falafel, this recipe has all the makings of both sweet and spicy on the inside with of course the adding of guacamole to add in extra flavor!

Traditional falafel burger

Enjoy this classical falafel recipe with chickpeas and fava beans in burger form, creating a crispy and delicious patty topped with all types of seasoning reminding you of that traditional falafel taste. Serve this on a bun or even a lettuce wrap and enjoy the delicious traditional taste of a classic Mediterranean dish!

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