Month: July 2018

What’s the Difference Between Shisha and Hookah?

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While most hookah lounges have knowledgeable staff to help first-time users or anyone who needs assistance, if you’re like many people, it’s a little uncomfortable to try things when you feel unsure about proper “lingo.” We very much want our customers to feel welcome and at ease, so let’s get started with just a basic […]

Restaurant Etiquette: Cell Phones

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The sound of conversation in restaurants these days sound quite different than in the past. Now we hear the click clack of texting and the buzzing or beeping of texts being received. Where cellphones once posed a nuisance as people chatted loudly into them during meals, they now present a whole new set of etiquette […]

Start off Your Summer Break with a Celebration

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With temperatures rising outside, it’s time to take the summer break celebrations indoors. Paymon’s hookah lounge offers a modern entertaining environment in an intimate setting. So don’t let the heat get you down, and make sure you visit Paymon’s Hookah Lounge.   From Local Nights and a daily happy hour, Paymon’s has the best celebration […]