Community Pride: Support Locally Owned Businesses

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In a city like Las Vegas, there are restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment venues virtually everywhere you look. You can see many well-known brands and department stores. Many of the businesses you see are owned by big corporations or chains who have no interest in our community other than the pursuit of making money here. However, there are many businesses that are owned by locals. These local owners live in your communities, and like you, they have a vested interest in contributing to the wellbeing of the places they live.

Why Shop Local?

By consciously choosing to support local merchants, food growers, and service providers, you are embracing your local economies and empowering your cities, your neighbors, and yourselves to grow and thrive. Buying local benefits everyone in our community. When a consumer supports local business owners, he or she enjoys benefits they can’t possibly get from shopping at national chains.

Check out some top reasons to support our local entrepreneurs.

It helps improve the local economy

According to the Retail Merchants Association, for every $1 spent at a local merchant, $0.45 is reinvested locally. This is compared to shopping at a big box store, where only $0.15 stays in the community from that same dollar spent. 

It strengthens our communities

When consumers buy locally, they can directly invest in the local economy. By purchasing from a local business, we help preserve jobs and create new positions. These local purchases maintain the wealth in our neighborhoods and increase prosperity for the people living there. 

Often, local businesses are the biggest supporters of local parks, libraries, events, and other great amenities that make our communities unique.

You can get to know the people behind the product

It’s a great thing to personally know the people behind the business where you’re purchasing local products and services. You get a special connection you may not otherwise experience. 

It keeps your community unique

Local businesses keep a neighborhood unique and fun. Across America, towns have chain restaurants, grocery stores, and department stores. But, there’s always a one-of-a-kind diner down the street where you can enjoy a special experience for Saturday breakfast. 

When your town has a combined presence of many different locally-owned businesses, it allows for a personality that;s unique from any other town in the country. When you support these businesses, you help make sure that this uniqueness is preserved and maintained. 

You experience better customer service

Dealing with large corporations can often be tricky, and getting help can be a nightmare. However, when you shop at a small business, the owner is usually directly connected to each employee present. This allows for a personal approach to customer service that often means your problem will be taken seriously.

They create safe communities

When you buy locally, you help build trust and positivity in the community. It helps open minds and hearts, making us more independent as a community. When a neighborhood is more connected, it’s safer, more resilient, and more self-reliant in times of emergency.

Paymon’s: A Locally-owned Las Vegas Staple

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