The Secret to Why Our Athens Fries Are So Addictive

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Athens fries? Do you imagine a basket of fresh, hot fries seasoned to perfection? Athens fries are the staple of Paymon’s Mediterranean Restaurant and customers come from far and wide to get their fix of hot potato decadence.  But what exactly makes these so addictive and why is it you can never just stop at one?

The magic of Athens fries has to come from somewhere other than the magicians who prepared them in our kitchen. The secret to their flavorful is about to be revealed, but you have to promise us you aren’t going to share it with others.

The Secret to the Deliciousness of Athens Fries

If you have never heard of our Mediterranean restaurant, you have definitely heard of our Mediterranean fries. Our staple food takes a traditional appetizer and adds a seasoned twist to make a dish you wish you’ll have everyday of your life.

Seasoned to perfection

Paymon’s does its best to make our dishes to be true to the Mediterranean spices of the area. When it came time to decide on the perfect season blend for their Mediterranean appetizers, we went with the unique blend of herbs and seasonings. The tangy, flavorful spices make them the irresistible food you crave all the time when you eat regular fries.

Creamy companion

When you are eating something dippable, you have to add the perfect sauce to compliment your food. For the Mediterranean delicacies of Athens fries, the dipping sauce had to match the flavor power of the fries. Our sauce has the equal amount of seasons as the fries and compliment them to the utmost perfection. If you don’t eat Athens fries with the sauce, did you really eat them?

Extra Mediterranean love

We pride ourselves to provide our customers with only the finest of Greek, Italian, Middles Eastern, and more dishes. All of our cuisine is made by caring hands who put extra love into all of our food. When food has the tender, love, and care,  you can taste it and why they are addictive. So you definitely know our Athens fries have a large amount of food love.

Come Get Your Athens Fries Fix Today!

Paymon’s has two convenient locations in the Las Vegas valley for you to come on in to get some delicious Athens Fries or another treat from our savory Mediterranean appetizer menu. Stop by for happy hour for a sweet deal on all your favorites!

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