Diverse Cuisines of Italy

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Aaahhhhh pasta, pizza, tiramisu—all great in their own ways. Each ooze with the distinct flavors and smells of Italy. They’re all delicious, and everyone knows it. However, as many Italians would tell you, there’s more to Italian food than just the world-famous culinary champs. The diverse cuisines of Italy will take you to food heaven.

Take a Food Trip with the Diverse Cuisines of Italy

Italian food is a cuisine of diversity. When traveling in Italy, it’s interesting to see the stark difference between which Italian foods are favorite in America and which Italian foods are favorite in Italy. Paymon’s brings a taste of Italy to the Las Vegas Valley by serving up all the traditional dishes of this food paradise.


Cured meats such as salami are well known, but dishes with thin sautéed cutlets (usually veal or poultry) known as scaloppini that have been pounded thin and coated with flour give new meaning to the word tender.

Our version of scaloppini features medallions of chicken breast sautéed with artichoke hearts, capers, and mushrooms. Served with angel hair pasta in a lemon-butter sauce and sprinkled with ratatouille; this specialty brings an air of Tuscany to the dining table.

Don’t forget the Marsala sauce

From Sicily, Marsala wine serves as a critical ingredient in a creamy sauce that enhances the flavor of poultry, pasta, pork, fish, game, and veal. The marsala sauce has a variety of flavored bases, such as mushroom, tomato, or even fruit flavors. You can serve it as a sauce for several traditional food dishes such as veal or chicken marsala.

Our nod to the Sicilians is a savory boneless chicken breast sautéed with marsala wine, garlic, onions, and mushrooms and is served with angel hair and marsala sauce.

Florentine style

The word Florentine, or the term à la Florentine, refers to a recipe style famous in Florence, Italy. Many dishes of this style feature spinach as an ingredient. An à la Florentine dish will feature some main ingredient of either eggs, poultry, or fish on a bed of butter-sauteed spinach with White sauce and grated cheese. Then it is browned under the broiler.

We borrow the influence of Florence serving a seasoned tilapia filet sautéed with artichoke hearts and mushrooms. Paired with angel hair pasta and topped with our lemon-butter sauce over a bed of spinach sautéed in fresh garlic and olive oil. This melt-in-your-mouth delicacy conjures up the flavors of the cradle of the Renaissance.

Nice and oozey

Most areas of the world have something resembling a sandwich, and Italy is no different. Grilled sandwiches, known as paninis, offer a delicious hand-held option, reminiscent of classic Italian street fare. Delicious meats including turkey, chicken, and our seasoned meatballs represent this traditional comfort food on our menu.

Vegetarian options such as eggplant and buffalo mozzarella are healthy vegetarian choices that make our panini popular with everyone.

Try the Diverse Cuisines of Italy at Paymon’s

When you are craving Italian, whether it’s calamari, pasta marinara, fettuccine alfredo or maybe something a little different but with traditional Italian flavors, visit Paymon’s Mediterranean Café and Lounge and taste our delicious menu options.