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Going to Happy Hour Doesn’t Have to Just Involve Alcohol

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Las Vegas is the city in a regular happy hour—there are a million places all over the city to get an excellent deal on cocktails and unwind from the workday. But often, people think these hours with drink specials are limited to alcohol. Happy hour appetizers are the way to get everyone to unwind, even the ones who have never touched the sauce.

If you are looking to bond with your co-workers or you are on a college budget, happy hour is perfect to relax and unwind while saving some green. You can drink and eat some delicious food without having to fill up before dinner.

Happy Hour Appetizers Keep You…Happy

We all experience hunger around the time we get off work, but we don’t want to fill up if we have plans for a hot date or a late night dinner. Happy hour appetizers come to the rescue to keep your stomach content while you wait for your next big meal.

Perfect portions

There is just something about the smaller sizes of appetizers making them more enjoyable. Small sliders make it more fun to eat than ordering a giant burger. An order of wings is enough to hit the spot of your hunger without having you stuffed.

Smaller portion sizes also help you feel less guilty about eating appetizers while on a diet. You won’t feel pressured to finish a large meal, because you ordered appetizers for the entire table. By the time everyone gets a piece of the appetizer, there will be a small bite just for you.

Only right to eat during happy hour

Appetizers are the staple food item during four and seven o’clock, and it just seems fitting to eat this type of food during those hours. No one ever wants to eat mozzarella sticks at 11:30 in the morning. If you do like to eat snack foods like apps outside of happy hour, you have to have a pretty good reason to choose that over regular food.

Have an essential job during happy hour

Foods you eat during happy hour have one job: sober you up from drinking. If you had a terrible day at work or you just finished your exam, you are going to relax with a cocktail or two, but you still have to drive home. Appetizers help absorb all the alcohol you consume to get you in a more sober state, so you are good enough to drive home and rest. Next time you’re out for drinks, make a toast to the delicious plate of Athens fries for being your faithful friend and sobering you up.

Paymon’s is the Place for Delicious Happy Hour Appetizers

Our mediterranean restaurant offers an abundant variety of appetizer options, from hummus to a plate of Buffalo wings. We have great specials on drinks and food to help you unwind for the day before dinner. Stop by and visit us for happy hour today!

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