Expanding Your Food Horizons: Middle Eastern Favorites

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Middle Eastern cuisine has many delicious dishes for almost any type of eater. Still many are cautious about trying it, worried that it will be too different for them to enjoy. If you’re curious, you have nothing to fear. You’re almost guaranteed to find something enjoyable to eat. Fresh, wholesome, healthy, vibrant, aromatic—it’s no wonder that the past decade has seen Middle Eastern cuisine global profile skyrocketing.

Middle Eastern Dishes You Probably Already Tried Once

The influence of the Middle East is found in many Mediterranean foods. As a matter of fact, you may have eaten these foods without realizing they originated in the Middle East. Here are some popular Middle Eastern dishes you definitely need to try as an avid foodie.


This famous chickpea dish is loved so much; you can find it in nearly every grocery store. Hummus makes a great, healthy appetizer since you make it with mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic, and a dash of lemon juice.


You’ll definitely want to try tabouli for a unique take on the traditional salad. This side salad is a unique mix of ingredients such as cucumber, tomatoes, mint, parsley, green onion and lemon juice delivering fresh flavor with a little spice.

Pita bread

You can’t have a Middle Eastern meal without some delicious pita bread. You can eat this flatbread with any entree since it is so versatile and goes well with every dish. It’s perfect for dipping in hummus, serving with some falafel or kabobs, or just enjoying on its own.


Falafel is an excellent food option for vegetarians who want to venture into Middle Eastern cuisine. These flavorful chickpeas and onions fried balls have a mix of spices for flavor perfection. Falafels are great as an appetizer and even better as a meal. Many enjoy their falafel wrapped in pita bread with some veggies.


If you’re a meat lover, then you’ll want to indulge in some tasty kabobs. Plenty of cultures have their takes on the traditional kabob, but Middle Eastern varieties are some of the best kinds to try. The slow-cooked meat and unique blend of spices produce some of the most traditional Middle Eastern dishes. One significant advantage of kabobs is you can find them for any meat you love; from yummy lamb and chicken to every beef variety. You’re destined to fall in love with the right kabob.


Every meal needs some dessert, and luckily Middle Eastern chefs have been making baklava for centuries. This layered dessert is made of sheets of filo dough and gets its sweet nuttiness flavor from a mix of chopped nuts with honey or syrup. Enjoying some baklava is the perfect finish to a delicious Middle Eastern meal.

Have a Craving Middle Eastern Dishes Now?

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