3 Ways to Get to Know Your Coworkers during Happy Hour

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An office is a place most people build friendships in—and it could be your only friends. You are bound to make friendships with people you spend almost 90 percent of your time in the week. Coworker bonding often happens in the breakroom, but the walls of the workplace confine you to express yourself. Let your hair down and allow your coworkers to see a less professional side of you with happy hour fun.

There are so many other ways of bonding with your office at happy hour. Get your work buddies and have a grand old time after a fulfilling workday.

3 Ways to Have a Successful Coworker Bonding

You know your coworkers during your 9-5 work day, but do they have an after five sides? Out of the office fun lets you and your office buddies talk more open about your workday, meet another side of them or just bond over a mutual hatred of your job. (We promise we won’t tell your boss)

Invite outside the office

Whether you are married or currently dating, coworker bonding at happy hour is a perfect time to bring in your significant other to meet your office squad. Your peers hear all the things about them so out of office events are great opportunity to have a face to the name. They also get to meet your office friends and see how you all function in and out of the office.

Trivia night

If you work in an office full of nerds or those obsessed with pop culture, gather everyone and head towards your local bar for a weekly round of trivia. Coworker bonding over your favorite 80’s cult classics helps you see all of your random fact strength and win a prize for the entire office. Going in as an office helps with team building and communication amongst each other in critical times, as you have to think on your feet.

Old fashion route

If you are out of ideas to do at a happy hour other than drink and eat endless fries, gather your co-workers for a classic icebreaker. Doing this type of activity is perfect when you have a new employee you want to get to know and bond with everybody. There isn’t anything wrong with going back to the basics for coworker bonding.

Want to Do Happy Hour at the Office?

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