Mediterranean Diet on a College Budget: The Essentials You Need for a Mediterranean Diet

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Have you gained the Freshman 15 within your first semester of college and you want to turn your food life around? You want to bring more fresh options to your diet, but your college budget was thrown off for the semester due to the super pricey (and non-return) business book. Consider a healthy diet option with the fresh ingredients of a Mediterranean diet.

If you’re already turned off by it because it just sounds too pricey for your wallet—guess what, getting the essentials of the diet is easy, cheap, and way better for you than microwave pizza.

Fresh Ingredients of a Mediterranean Diet for a College Budget

College is a great time to explore new types of foods and venture into new diet options. The essentials of the Mediterranean diet are healthy and affordable and reasonable options for your food goals.

Olive you

A major part of the fresh ingredients of a Mediterranean diet is olives, which you can use as olive oil or as the tasty fruit. Many recipes in the Mediterranean menu use both the oil and the fruit to add to the traditional taste. Olives bring you protection against ulcers, is heart-healthy and boosts your iron intake.

Cool beans

The beauty of a Mediterranean diet is it is open to those who are on a more plant-based diet. If you’re worried about where you’re going to get your protein in a Mediterranean menu, it comes in the form of beans. Lentils, lima beans, and other bean options are open for your new Mediterranean diet. Another great thing about beans is they are inexpensive for your college budget.

Whole-y grains

Start adding more whole grains to your life with the help of couscous and whole wheat options for your Mediterranean diet.  It is an excellent source of fiber, B vitamins, and iron to help you get through your most boring class.

Go nuts

Grab some nuts for a snack in-between classes, as they are also another essential of a Mediterranean diet. They provide you with healthy fat and added protein to pump you for the rest of the school day.

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