Jump into Spring Season Healthier with a Mediterranean Diet

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The holiday season is over, and the weather is starting to warm up. Now that you’re thinking summer and pool season, you may be regretting those extra servings of stuffing. We all think, ‘how am I going to lose this holiday weight?’ If you didn’t follow through on your New Year’s resolution, no worries, a Mediterranean diet menu can get you back on track.

The Mediterranean Diet—Not Just a Diet, but a Lifestyle

One of the main reasons people fall off the New Year’s Resolution is not because of lack of motivation, but lack of preparation. Many dieters fail to set themselves up for success by either being way too strict or not mentally preparing for the change of everyday habits ahead.

This spring, consider the Mediterranean diet. Not only do you still get to enjoy foods that are attractive to your palette, but also flexibility with your decisions. And, there are many health benefits.

The science behind the Mediterranean diet menu

Loads of scientific research supports the idea that the Mediterranean diet is one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular health preventing heart disease and strokes and keeps you agile. Other benefits are potentially reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and the risk of Parkinson’s disease as well as preventing many other diseases.

A Mediterranean diet is rich in a lot of nutrients, including fiber and whole grains. This is because the diet is built around plant-based foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, and whole grains.

There is a lot of contradictory information when it comes to health and diets but we know with these specific foods, they offer nutritional value. In addition to the menu, you should start to implement regular exercise and meals with friends that want to eat healthily. These two habits are shown to increase the positive results with the diet and also your overall health.

Ready for weight loss?

Many dieters have achieved success, including many celebrities on the Mediterranean diet, like Penelope Cruz and Rachel Ray. Not only because it’s delicious, but because you can have wine!

When you’re on a Mediterranean diet, there are two reasons why many succeed. The first is the flexibility of the diet and how it can accommodate your current lifestyle versus a traditional diet where you have to sacrifice and adjust. With Mediterranean diet recipes, there are no stringent rules that cut out whole food groups. Many of these depend on loose guidelines, such as eating mostly plant-based foods and consuming red meat only in moderation.

Second, Mediterranean food welcomes all kinds of delicious meals that other diets do not include. The food that is restricted may contain olive oil, salt, and other flavor enhancers. With the diet, you can consume in moderation.

Healthy and delicious

The main reason why the Mediterranean diet continually increases in popularity is due to the most favorable reason—it’s delicious! You aren’t forced to consume packaged or prepared meals that seem stale and cold. But instead, enjoy your food, compounded with the culture and enlightenment of all things Greek culture entails.

Go Greek and Healthy with Paymon’s

So let’s cheers and have a glass of wine with dinner, or even indulge in a light dessert. You will find that the Mediterranean diet doesn’t just include a few sporadic indulgences—they’re an important part of the lifestyle.

Pick yourself up from your New Year’s Resolution and let’s jump into spring with a solution you can commit to and actually enjoy! Check out Paymons menu today.