Paymon’s Gives Locals Flavor

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One of the biggest challenges a small-business owner faces is contending with big businesses, and we’re not just talking about profits. Trying to compete in a market like Las Vegas where it seems like The Strip rules is a bigger gamble than you might imagine. These larger companies—with their big marketing budgets, bulk purchasing power, […]

Going to Happy Hour Doesn’t Have to Just Involve Alcohol

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Hookah Wings
Las Vegas is the city in a regular happy hour—there are a million places all over the city to get an excellent deal on cocktails and unwind from the workday. But often, people think these hours with drink specials are limited to alcohol. Happy hour appetizers are the way to get everyone to unwind, even […]

Third Time’s the Charm: Paymon’s is Getting a Third Location

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Paymon’s is ready to expand their award-winning restaurant kingdom with a new location. We are proud to announce Paymon’s Third Mediterranean Restaurant to be opening soon. The southeast part of Las Vegas is about to get its fix of Athens fries, and we are excited to get more people to experience authentic Mediterranean food. Get […]

Olive Oil: Healthy and Delicious

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Although considered sacred by the people of the Mediterranean for thousands of years, the precise origins of the olive tree are somewhat mysterious. What is known is that cultivation began a very long time ago somewhere in the Near East and spread slowly westward across the Mediterranean Sea. The Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans all […]

The Secret to Why Our Athens Fries Are So Addictive

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Athens fries? Do you imagine a basket of fresh, hot fries seasoned to perfection? Athens fries are the staple of Paymon’s Mediterranean Restaurant and customers come from far and wide to get their fix of hot potato decadence.  But what exactly makes these so […]

Eggplant: Not Just a Sexy Emoji!

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Eggplant, also known by names such as aubergine, garden egg, melongene, and brinjal is a bountiful summer garden producer that is often egg-shaped and usually a beautiful, shiny, deep purple color. This nutritional giant is often found in traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The eggplant is a rich vegetable (actually a fruit) that when cooked, caramelizes giving […]