Tips for Eating Healthy at Restaurants

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One of the most difficult things of trying to follow a healthy lifestyle is going out to eat at restaurants. At home you can control quantities and ingredients to be sure you’re following a healthy eating plan; but eating at a restaurant can feel like a risk because you can’t know how all things are […]

The Mediterranean Dip “Spreading” Across the Country

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If there was a nutrition contest for dips, hummus would win the top prize in almost every category. Considering that each 2-tablespoon serving includes heart-healthy fat, 2 to 3 grams of protein, and about 3 grams of fiber. A serving of hummus has between 50-70 calories depending on the brand. The traditional recipe consists of […]

The Best Place to Hookah This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is fast approaching, and it’s time to get the plans underway to make sure that the festivities are as fun as they can be. While there are many traditions and activities that we absolutely adore, nothing quite beats the opportunity to finally relax with the entire family. There’s no better way, than […]

The Benefits of Supporting Locally-Owned Businesses

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In recent years, many consumers have moved away from patronizing large, impersonal big-box retailers and chain restaurants, and instead are making a conscious effort to introduce themselves to the people doing business in their very own cities. These are local entrepreneurs, farmers, craftsmen, antiques dealers, and other product providers, with items made locally and sold […]

The Origin of the Kebab

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If you’ve ever watched movies set in the ancient world, it’s not difficult to imagine soldiers roasting chunks of meat on their swords over the fire. Or we’ve all seen hunters depicted turning game – a rabbit or a deer – as it roasts on a spit over the flames at their campsites. On the […]

What’s in a Falafel?

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It’s a very popular dish in Mediterranean cuisine, and if you’re a big fan of it, you should already be familiar with falafel. Delicious, deep-fried vegan balls, originally made of chickpeas or fava beans, are designed to be moreish and filling. Packed with protein and full of flavor, they’re low in fat and with virtually […]