Tips for Working with Phyllo Dough

Phyllo is a favorite pastry for making any number of Mediterranean dishes, from spanakopita, aka spinach pie and delicious baklava we serve at Paymon’s to meat pies and Greek custard-filled pastries. These pre-made, paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough elevate dishes to new textural levels, however, working with the tissue-like dough can sometimes get tricky. Here…


Vegetarianism and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Whether it’s a matter of health, religion, or just personal preference, some people don’t eat certain foods, and most restaurants today realize that people have different dietary needs. One such dietary preference is vegetarianism. Many restaurants offer one or two meatless entrees to try to appease those who don’t eat meat, but otherwise, vegetarians are…


Paymon’s Gives Locals Flavor

One of the biggest challenges a small-business owner faces is contending with big businesses, and we’re not just talking about profits. Trying to compete in a market like Las Vegas where it seems like The Strip rules is a bigger gamble than you might imagine. These larger companies—with their big marketing budgets, bulk purchasing power,…