In August 2000, Paymon’s Mediterranean Café opened the first Hookah operation of its kind in the United States called simply the “Hookah Lounge”, which is attached to the Café.

The Hookah Lounge is a room that is filled with an eclectic mix of Moroccan and Middle Eastern art. The room is very cozy with a brilliant vibe. It is considered one of the most popular gathering places for groups of people ready to socialize in a relaxed and ultra comfortable setting. The ambiance and sofa seating allow guests to hang out for hours at a time.

The centerpiece of the lounge is of course the hookah and hookah service. The Hookah Lounge has developed many of the practices that are seen in many of the other Hookah and night life operations. We continue to lead the way in developing the pleasurable experience of hookah smoking.

Paymon’s award winning cuisine and a fantastic line of signature cocktails are also a highlight of the lounge experience. The drinks are very unique and are made with only the finest liquors and mixers.

The opening of the Hookah Lounge created an entire industry as retail shops, bars, wholesalers and other operators have capitalized on the Hookah craze. There are Hookah operators in every major city and they are gaining momentum in less urban areas of the country.

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