Supervisory Staff

There are three levels of management staff at Paymon’s. It is very rare that we would consider hiring anybody at any of these levels unless we have thoroughly exhausted our attempts at promoting present employees. Promoting from within is a high priority at Paymon’s.

As employees are promoted, they enjoy some of the perks exclusive to the three levels of management. This system of rewards has given employees an incentive and the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop as Managers.

Our philosophy for management is morale based and more personalized to ensure the management team is enthusiastic about their positions. We believe that working a maximum of 40 hours per week keeps our Supervisors efficient, healthy and happy. Our goal is to keep our managers with us indefinitely as we grow as a company. We look at F&B managers no differently than any other professional staff. A regular day of work and 2 days off in a row is standard in our operating philosophy. This has proven to be a very effective tool as we have maintained our Supervisory staff far longer than the industry average. We are not interested in “burning out” our management staff which is typical of most food and beverage operations. We are interested in developing our staff so we can grow together.

Our management system is quite different from the typical management hierarchy of duties and responsibilities. The position of Supervisor is the first level of management and has the responsibility of checking side work, processing voids, fielding customer comments, dividing stations and many more duties while also attending to guests.

Café Supervisors must ensure that all Front of the house employees are performing at the proper levels of workmanship which results in complete customer satisfaction. They create a fun atmosphere and concentrate on building morale. Supervisors are also involved in training new employees and if necessary, re-training. Complimentary meals, paid vacation and quarterly bonuses supplement an elevated hourly wage. Next level is Assistant Manager.

Kitchen Supervisors are involved in the actual preparation of foods, cooking, and supervising the kitchen employees. The Supervisors keep the operation efficient and enforce procedures such as proper handling and storage of food, sanitation, preparation techniques and training. Kitchen Supervisors must work all stations including the prep cook job before gaining their position of Supervisor. Next level for Kitchen Supervisor is Kitchen Manager.

Café Assistant Manager
Our Assistant Managers oversee the Supervisors and also engage in many of the administrative processes. They perform most of the functions of the Supervisors and also take on scheduling, conflict resolution, ordering, devising station rotations, processing large take-out orders etc. They oversee the operation in the absence of the Restaurant Manager. They too are working supervisors. Just like the Supervisors, they also take a section of tables. Assistant Managers enjoy all the perks of the Supervisors with the added benefit of extra vacation time and a higher tier of quarterly bonuses. Next level is Restaurant Manager.

Kitchen Manager
Our KM’s oversee all aspects of the back of the house operations. Their primary function is to make sure that the entire kitchen produces menu items that are properly prepared and served within the specified time period. Customer satisfaction is the key goal of an efficient kitchen.

Kitchen Managers monitor output to ensure consistency. They create the schedule and assist when needed. All of the product ordering is performed by the KM’s and proper inventory levels are maintained by them.

Food cost control and labor control are a major part of the KM’s daily function. Price monitoring and expense control are also of great significance in this position.

Kitchen Managers enjoy the highest rate of pay, vacation time and bonus level.

Restaurant Manager
RM’s oversee the entire restaurant operation. They are responsible for FOH and BOH operations. Some of the duties include: Interviewing, hiring, scheduling, floor management, facility maintenance, cost control, service, sanitation and safety, POS management, catering and most of all, customer satisfaction!

RM’s enjoy the highest level of perks including the most vacation time, highest rate of pay and tier of bonuses excluding Corporate staff.

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