Hourly Staff

This job is critical to the front of the house operation. Bussers must maintain the cleanliness of the Café while keeping the facility stocked with necessary items and products. Servers depend heavily on your quick and efficient work habits. Of course, there are rewards in doing so!  Next position through promotion is Food Runner

Greet and welcome our guests as you would in your own home. Ensure customer satisfaction by considering all guest seating requests and welcoming guests back as they exit. This position works very closely with Servers and Bussers to coordinate a flawless dining experience. If you interact well with guests and co-workers, and like to smile and engage in polite conversation, this job may be for you. Next position through promotion is Busser or Food Runner.

Food Runner
Ensures that the guest receives their food as quickly as possible. Must have complete knowledge of the menu and must be very courteous and efficient. Maintains the food pick up line to ensure prompt service.  Communicates all information to Servers or Supervisors from guest comments, needs etc. Next position through promotion is Server.

Server/Bartender/Cocktail Server/Hookah person
Provide quick, attentive and professional service to our guests. Make food and beverage suggestions to ensure complete guest satisfaction. Able to explain ingredients in a particular recipe upon request. As a member of the service team, you will act as an ambassador of goodwill to our valued guests, ensuring a happy exit and prompt return. Next position through promotion is Supervisor.

Dish Machine Operator/Maintenance
Cleans all tableware, glassware, kitchen ware, and areas that must be kept cleaned and sanitized. Maintains cleanliness of entire facility through deep cleaning maintenance. Next position through promotion is Prep Cook.

Prep Cook
The key position of the kitchen operation. Guaranteeing proper preparation and storage of foods, allows the line cooks to be able to produce the recipes as described and to the specifications of the Kitchen Manager. You must first work this position in order to become a Kitchen Supervisor or Manager. Next position through promotion is Line Cook-Fryer.

Line Cooks
Fry cook, Line Cook #1,Line Cook #2, Line Cook #3.
Fry cooks start out on the back of the front line supporting the front line cooks. Line Cooks efficiently work the Broiler, Fryer, Sauté station, and Cold food station at any given time. The #1 position is for the newest member of the front line. The #2 Cook has the added responsibility of all take-out orders. The #3 Cook, and most effective Cook is in the middle and is the expeditor as well as performing Line Cook duties. This is the quarterback position. Once a #3 Cook, your next position through promotion is Kitchen Supervisor.

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