Corporate Staff

Our Corporate staff is the administration level and developmental division of Paymon’s. This is where policy and procedure, financial analysis, accounting, fiscal planning and management,Legal administration, human resources management, computer management, website administration, product selection, physical Inventory, menu management, sales & marketing, advertising, payroll processing and company expansion and development are administered. Overseeing all aspects of the individual Café & Lounge locations and maintaining consistency between locations are also a function of the Corporate staff.

Our Corporate Staff positions consist of the following: Office Assistant, Bookkeeper, Operations and General Manager.

Office Assistant
Offers support to the Corporate Operations Manager by maintaining files, entering and tracking information using spreadsheets, sorting & sending mail, maintaining office supply inventory, filing information and various office related duties.

Responsible for all A/P, bank reconciliations, GL entries, check processing, payroll record keeping, batch transfers, petty cash, sales entries, audits, gift certificate tracking etc.

Operations Manager
Provides support to the General Manager. Assists in maintaining consistency of policies and procedures between locations. Oversees payroll processing, employee processing, labor analysis, guest issues, report generation, inventory extensions, research, office product and corporate product ordering. Executes special projects, troubleshoots point of sale issues and provides floor support to restaurant managers.

General Manager
Oversees all locations and Corporate office. Responsible for company development and expansion.

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